NACD elects directors

Originally published:  14/01/2008

Roger T Harris, president of Illinois-based Producers Chemical Company, has been elected, and Raymond J Roembke, Jr, president of Indianapolis-headquartered Superior Solvents and Chemicals, re-elected to the US National Association of Chemical Distributors' (NACD) board of directors as directors at large. Also joining the board is newly appointed Northeast Region president Jeanette Glose Partlow, president of Maryland Chemical Company. "I greatly appreciate that these individuals are willing to serve their fellow industry peers," says NACD chairman Peter Y Hess. "Their knowledge of the industry and leadership skills are welcomed by the executive committee, other board members and the NACD membership," he continues.

In addition to Harris, Roembke and Partlow, the NACD board consists of an executive committee comprising Christopher L Jahn (president and COO), Peter Y Hess (chairman and CEO), Bruce H Schechinger (vice-chairman) and Andrew K Skipp (treasurer); four other directors at large, viz Donna D Boldt, Joel Hopper, Richard A Peacock and Earl T Tveit; and a further three regional presidents, viz Skip Tarr (Western Region), Ronald F Horvath (Central Region) and J Michael Coates (Southern Region).

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