shale oil

Bakken crude still no different

The North Dakota Petroleum Council has released the final report of its large-scale study on the quality characteristics of Bakken shale crude oil.

Univar building in Texas

Univar has broken ground on a new 4,800-m2 distribution centre in Elmendorf, Texas.

Chemical weaponry

INTERVIEW The extraction of shale oil and gas resources in North America has been nothing short of a revolution in the global energy industry. But what does it mean for petrochemical supply chains? Stuart Todd spoke to Agility’s Neil Moon to get an expert view

Shale gas drilling rig operated by Cuadrilla Resources

Half-time scores

US MIDSTREAM The shale oil boom is driving demand for transport and storage capacity in North America. Not surprisingly, crude oil volumes lead the way but LPG is not far behind, as the midstream operators report their six-month figures

Kinder Morgan terminal at Pasadena

KM, Keyera to build rail terminal in Edmonton

Kinder Morgan and Keyera Corp have set up a 50/50 joint venture to build a crude oil rail loading facility in Edmonton, Alberta.

Hungry for oil

ANALYSIS The sudden emergence of massive new product streams from shale oil developments, together with seismic shifts in the structure of the oil industry, are placing new strains on the terminal network in North America. But the sector seems to have the capability to deal with it

Shale production

About turn

There are those, apparently, who are sceptical about the claims made for shale oil and gas and the impact these new energy streams are going to make on the global energy scene.

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