Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP15)

Just one more thing

ROAD As the list of Contracting Parties to ADR continues to grow, some thought is being given to providing some help on implementation by states acceding the Agreement. On the other hand, the last-minute adoption of some significant new provisions for entry into force next year seems destined to make matters harder for all involved

Den Hartogh road tanker

Float on

INLAND WATERWAYS It might be thought that keeping a vessel the right way up is a fundamental aspect of maritime operations, whether at sea or upriver. The ADN experts have, though, felt it necessary to introduce prescriptive requirements to improve standards

Ludwigshafen inland port

Hidden gems

ROAD Europe’s road transport experts have made a large number of changes to the text of ADR due to enter into force next year. In view of the complexity of the amendments, the Secretariat was asked to provide a consolidated list of changes

Road Tankers on the Road
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