Classifying crude the Canadian way - 24/06/2016

Transport Canada has issued a Safety Advisory on the classification of crude oil.

Yilport buys Solventas - 23/06/2016

Yilport Holding has acquired Solventas Technical Storage, operator of Turkey's largest independent chemical storage terminal.

Oiltanking opens Karimun facility - 07/06/2016

PT Oiltanking Karimun, a joint venture between Oiltanking and Gunvor, has officially opened for business, receiving its first cargo of 60,000 tonnes of gasoline and gasoline components on Monday.

Isotank goes American - 07/06/2016

US-based logistics firm Quality Distribution has acquired Isotank Group, the UK’s leading intermodal tank container and depot services provider.

Canada extends TC-111 tank car retrofit rule - 06/06/16

Canada’s Minister of Transport has issued a new Protective Direction, No 37, to require top fitting protection on retrofitted TC/DOT-111 tank cars in Canada.

Manchester united with Mauser - 03/06/16

The UK arm of Mauser's National Container Group (NCG) reconditioning division has formed a new joint venture with Manchester Drums Limited (MDL).

Brenntag takes control in China - 01/06/16

Brenntag has signed an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares in China's Zhong Yung (International) Chemical, having purchased a 51% stake in the company in 2011.

Vopak sells up in Japan - 31/05/16

Vopak has sold its 40% interest in Nippon Vopak, which owns and operates five bulk liquids storage terminals in Japan with a combined capacity of just over 200,000 m3.

RSA-Talke opens up in Dubai - 23/05/16

RSA-Talke has completed the first phase of its integrated chemicals hub in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai.

BW stays ahead - 20/05/16

BW LPG says it experienced a softening in the VLGC market in the first quarter but its results were still well ahead of the year-earlier figures, with EBITDA up 11% at $89m and after-tax profit up 5% at $60m.

Portable VGM solution on show - 12/05/16

Hy-Dynamix has launched a new portable container weighing solution to help shippers comply with the new rules on verified gross mass (VGM) that enter into force on 1 July.

Records all round at Hoyer - 12/05/16

Hoyer closed its fiscal 2015 with new record figures, despite what it calls a “difficult market environment”.

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  • Unusual loads

    Here on the back page we get used to hearing stories about things that shouldn’t be where they are, and those of you who are regular readers of the Incident Log may also be aware of the number of tanker rollovers that happen with depressing regularity in India. This month we bring you a story that combines both.

  • Yeast confection

    After last month’s brassica attack, we return to safer ground and the subject of beer. Although recent news has been rather alarming – reminiscent of those jobs we had as teenagers, when your mate who was working part-time in a sausage factory declared he would never eat sausage again (see also milk and Weetabix, in our memory).

  • Brassica alert

    We start this month with something of a horror story. It involves broccoli, which as many readers will know is an invention of the devil and not to be put anywhere near a dinner plate. Same goes for kale, only more so.