Hoyer expands Schkopau - 02/05/2016

Hoyer has completed the expansion of its Kombi Terminal Schkopau (KTSK), adding a second portal crane and lengthening the rail lines by 220 metres.

Exmar confirms VLGC slide - 02/05/2016

Exmar has reported first quarter EBITDA of $28.3m, up from $26.3m a year ago, despite a sharp fall in earnings from its VLGCs.

PHMSA on Code adoption - 02/05/2016

US PHMSA has issued a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking under docket HM-241. 

VLGC slump has started, says Avance - 27/04/2016

Avance Gas Holding has reported a sharp fall in results in the first quarter, with net profit of $21.1m less than half of the $45.1m recorded in the previous period.

ERG2016 out now - 26/04/16

The 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook has been published online and hard copies are currently on their way to buyers.

VTG opens LNG-by-rail potential - 25/04/16

VTG has loaded the first rail tank car with LNG at Brunsbüttel Ports’ Elbe port, in a joint project with Primagas and Chart Ferox.

PackCare takes Greif UK unit - 25/04/16

PackCare, the industrial packaging division of UK-based WasteCare, has acquired Greif's Avonmouth thermal treatment plant.

UK updates explosives rules - 22/04/16

UK HSE has published guidance on the new Explosives Regulations 2014 (Amendment) Regulations 2016, which came into effect last week in Great Britain.

BTT building again - 18/04/16

Botlek Tank Terminal will embark next month on a major construction project that will more than double capacity at the facility in Rotterdam.

Talke extends TETRA deal - 13/04/16

Talke has won a contract to take over the transport of calcium chloride from Tessenderlo’s production unit in Ham, Belgium for TETRA Chemicals Europe, based in Sweden.

Thames Oilport opens up - 11/04/16

The first phase of development of the Thames Oilport terminal on the site of the former Coryton refinery east of London opened last week.

US supports chemical tanker market, says Stolt - 07/04/16

Stolt Tankers has reported a decline in both revenues and net profit in the first quarter of 2016.

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  • Brassica alert

    We start this month with something of a horror story. It involves broccoli, which as many readers will know is an invention of the devil and not to be put anywhere near a dinner plate. Same goes for kale, only more so.

  • The other end of the chicken

    After last month’s piece in this column wondering about chicken steroid logistics, and the hazards posed by the transport of the stuff in tank trucks, this month we are faced with a story that comes from the output end of the chicken system.

  • Get the goats out

    It is something of a zoological back page this month, with a quartet of stories that made ripples in the news pond during January.