Stealthgas makes the best of a bad market - 25/11/2015

Stealthgas has reported third-quarter revenues of $35.8m, up 14.7% on the year after the expansion of the firm’s LPG carrier fleet by eight vessels. EBITDA came in at $13.4m. just ahead of the $13.0m posted last year.

Major consolidation in air gases planned - 19/11/2015

Air Liquide has signed an agreement to acquire Airgas for $13.4bn.

VTG figures show good prospects in the rail sector - 19/11/2015

VTG has reported third quarter revenues of €764.1m, up 25% on last year, with EBITDA ahead by 82.5% at €255.5m, largely on the back of the acquisition of AAE at the start of the year.

BW enjoys continued VLGC boom - 19/11/2015

BW LPG has reported third quarter EBITDA of $133.1m, up 26% on the prior period and 22% higher than the year-earlier figure.

PHMSA stands firm on tank car standards - 18/11/15

US PHMSA has largely dismissed the appeals it received after publication in May of its final rule on enhanced tank car standards and operational control for high-hazard flammable trains.

Vopak brings South African tankage onstream - 18/11/15

Vopak South Africa has put the first phase of redevelopment into service at its Island View terminal in Durban.

Standic adds to specialities storage - 17/11/15

Standic has inaugurated a new tank pit for the storage of speciality chemicals and oleochemicals at its facility in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Avance goes after Aurora - 16/11/15

Avance Gas has made a bid to take over Aurora LPG.

Epic sees promise in pressurised LPG sector - 13/11/15

Epic Gas has reported third quarter EBITDA of $8.6m, up from $6.6m a year ago, despite a slight reduction in revenues and the expansion of its fleet by two ships to 37 over the course of the year.

EQT to cash in on Koole - 12/11/15

EQT Infrastructure has reached agreement in principle to sell Koole Terminals to institutional investors advised by JP Morgan Asset Management.

Odfjell sees brief respite - 12/11/15

Odfjell SE has reported further improvement in its third quarter financial results, with EBITDA of $57m well ahead of the $31m recorded a year ago.

CDGT goes live - 12/11/15

The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management has formally launched a new credential, the Certified Dangerous Goods Trainer (CDGT).

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