Going still good for Team Tankers - 28/08/2015

Team Tankers International has reported improved financial figures for the second quarter, with EBITDA up from $14.3m in the previous period at $16.9m and net profit up from $1.7m at $4.6m.

VTG ahead on three - 27/08/2015

VTG AG reports growth in all three operating divisions during the first half of 2015, with group revenues up 26.6% over last year at €512.3m and EBITDA rising from €90.2m to €168.0m.

Odfjell back to 2008 levels - 27/08/2015

Odfjell SE has recorded a profit of $7m for the second quarter, representing what it calls its “best quarterly operational performance since third quarter 2008”.

DP to help Dow in UAE - 26/08/2015

DP World has signed an agreement to provide Dow UAE with value-added logistics services at the Port of Jebel Ali.

MISC to pull out of VTTI - 21/08/15

MISC Bhd has agreed to sell its 50% shareholding in VTTI to VIP Terminals Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vitol Investment Partnership Ltd.

Chinese ports respond to Tianjin blast - 21/08/15

In the wake of the recent massive explosion in Tianjin port, many other ports in China have announced restrictions and bans on the movement of dangerous goods.

Strong first half for Vopak - 21/08/15

Vopak has reported EBITDA of €408m for the first half of 2015, up 11% on last year’s €387m.

IM Skaugen on the way back - 21/08/15

IM Skaugen has reported a loss of $0.5m for the second quarter, an improvement on the loss of $4.6m in the prior period.

Solvang reports good LPG market, bad ethylene - 19/08/15

Solvang has reported earnings from its gas shipping activities of NKr 35.6m in the second quarter, slightly up on last year’s NKr 33.7m.

Pooling reaches LNG sector - 18/08/15

Dynagas, GasLog and Golar LNG have set up an LNG carrier pooling arrangement to market their vessels currently operating in the spot market.

Tianjin bans dangerous goods ships - 18/08/15

The Tianjin Municipal Transport Commission has issued notice to Tianjin Port to cease handling tankers and container ships carrying hazardous substances.

Infor to buy GT Nexus - 17/08/15

New York-headquartered Infor has signed an agreement to acquire GT Nexus for $675m.

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  • Blowing in the wind

    We are not sure to which Class or Division this story applies, but it just goes to show that there are hidden hazards everywhere. Or, in this case, not that hidden.

  • Getting our own back

    Seeing as all sorts of facilities use fuel, there is the potential for a fuel spill almost anywhere. When such a spill features cute animals, then it makes the front page.

  • Follow the leader

    There are enough tragedies reported in the pages of HCB, you might think, to make it unnecessary to follow the trend here, where we are supposed to consider ‘lighter’ matters. But still, we like to think that by learning from the misfortunes of others, whatever levels of stupidity or sheer bad luck they may display, will help us manage our own activities more safely.